Mountain Sage Wellbeing LLC

Red Feather Lakes, CO

Yoga, Reiki,  Pranic Healing, Crystals & More!

Living in Light

Community Classes

Due to the pandemic, I will be offering one outside class this summer. Click below for more info

Community classes are wonderful not only for beginners to learn about yoga, but also for more experienced practitioners to keep on task with their practice. Classes are also great for meeting like minded folks in the community.

Come join the energy of a group!!

Outside class coming in June!

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Yoga Sessions

All Private sessions canceled for now, please check back later

Private Yoga sessions are great for working on alignment issues, health issues or to deepen your practice.

$65 for a 90 minute session

3 Sessions for $180

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Pranic Healing,

Crystal Therapy

Private sessions canceled. I am offering distance healing on a sliding scale. If you have any symptoms or just feel like you wish to strengthen your respiratory and immune system, please contact me. 

Reiki is a Japaneese healing technique that uses a gentle hands on approach to enhance the subtle energy flow in and around the body.

Pranic Healing Therapy focuses on cleaning and energizing the prana in and around the body

Crystal Therapy places stones on or around the body to help balance the electromagnetic frequencies.

$55 for a 90 minute session

3 Sessions for $150

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